Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Triply Betrayed His Wife Maria Shriver & All His Kids!

Arnold the Sperminator, this is a doozy of a cheating scandal to land on your children, your love child and wife.

Not only did you cheat on your supportive wife of 25 years, who publicly had your back when you were accused of groping other women in 2003, but you cheated on your four children and Maria with a woman that they knew, no doubt liked, and trusted. She worked in your house for 20 years!

No doubt your children also knew their step-sibling without knowing that they were related. How disconcerting is that?

And what about your love child who grew up for ten years thinking his or her father was one man and is now learning that it's their mother's boss? How confusing and devastating is that? Your love child has been raised and loved by a man he or she thought was their "dad." Will that man abandon the child because he just learned the child was fathered by you? That would be terrible.

Arnold, in your statement this morning, you say you told your wife about "an event that occurred over a decade ago," as if it was some small incident that had no ongoing aftermath. ARNOLD! This is a ten-year-old child -- not "an event that occurred!"

When you and Maria announced your separation last week, it was revealed that Maria had moved out of the family home and into a hotel. That seemed strange -- Why wasn't it you that moved out?

I also wondered why now, after 25 years and numerous rumors about your cheating, would Maria finally throw in the towel? It seemed like another shoe would drop.

Now we know what the other shoe was -- the affair with a household staffer of 20 years, plus a love child. That might also explain Maria's decision to move out. Maybe her house no longer feels like a safe haven. It's where an affair took place right under her nose and where a terrible secret was kept for 20 years. She must feel creeped out!

Maria has issued a statement saying "This is a painful and heartbreaking time. As a mother, my concern is for the children. I ask for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and I try to rebuild our lives and heal."

How compassionate that Maria is expressing her concern for "the children," in other words, all the children involved in this tragedy. Her own four -- Katherine Eunice, 21, Christina Maria Aurelia, 19, Patrick Arnold, 17, and Christopher Sargent Shriver, 13, and the unnamed 10-year-old.

That's a lot more consideration than you, Arnold, had for the past 10 years. You knew about this affair and child before you campaigned for governor of California in 2003 and had Maria speak out for you and against the accusations of cheating that you faced at that time.

You never would have been elected if Maria hadn't had your back. And certainly you never would have been elected if the voters knew about the affair that produced this child.

You chose you political career over your family and your love child. You chose your sex drive over your family. You chose your ego and sense of entitlement to have affairs over your family.

Rightly you now say "I deserve your criticism, my family does not." But it's way too late to ask for the public's forgiveness.

I hope for you and Maria's sake, and the sake of all your children, that you will work hard to receive forgiveness from all of them and that you will strive to be a much better father to all, from now on.

Good luck Maria -- you are so smart and talented and you can do anything you want now. You have all of our support -- doesn't she Hollymoms and Hollywoodlifers?
--Bonnie Fuller