Arnold Schwarzenegger-Maria Shriver Divorce: Maria Offered Lucrative Job Opportunities

Maria Shriver Loses A Husband, Regains A Career?

With the rumored third of a billion dollars she is expected to get from her divorce settlement, Maria Shriver could spend her time loafing on a sofa stuffed with thousand dollars bills, watching Oprah re-runs on TV while sticking pins into a Voodoo doll of her ex-husband.

Instead, the post-divorce Shriver may be busier than ever with media opportunities and book deals flooding her mailbox.

Ironically, had Shriver stayed married to Schwarzenegger, her career as a 50-something has-been NBC news journalist may have remained moribund. She would likely have done most of her professional work behind the scenes, promoting pet projects such as the Special Olympics and other do-gooder causes to empower women and poor people.

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