Arnold Schwarzenegger Replies To Trump's Ratings Diss With Solid Burn

"I hope you'll work for ALL of the American people as aggressively as you worked for your ratings."

Donald Trump started off his Friday morning, as he is wont to do: by firing off some Twitter shots at former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man who has replaced him as host of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Specifically, Trump focused on the ratings dip that Schwarzenegger appears to have endured with his premiere compared to Trump’s final season with the franchise.

Trump roasting his enemies is nothing new. He’s quite literally made a career out of it. But on Friday morning, he got bested. While the phrase “epic own” gets thrown around on the internet like a hot potato these days, it seems like a pretty good descriptor for what Schwarzenegger did here.

Considering the historical ratings of “Celebrity Apprentice,” let’s hope he works a bit more aggressively than that.

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