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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Sandwich Is Nearly 80,000 Calories And Cooked On A Tank

Arnold Schwarzenegger is making a sandwich -- and you know the "Terminator" star isn't going to settle for ham and Swiss.

The former California governor and action movie hero teamed up with the gang from Epic Meal Time to produce the "Steak & Egger Sandwich," a 78,583-calorie monstrosity fit for Conan the Barbarian. It features bacon and eggs cooked on the metal surface of Schwarzenegger's tank. (Yes, he has his own M47 Patton tank... because, why wouldn't he?)

The video promotes a contest on Omaze for After-School All-Stars, a charity backed by Schwarzenegger that provides after-school activities for kids. For just $10, contestants can win a trip to hang with Schwarzenegger and Epic Meal Time's Harley Morenstein, make an epic meal together and go for a ride in that tank.

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