Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Total Recall' Memoir Gets Snazzy Trailer (VIDEO)

In the new trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger's memoir, the 65-year-old actor says no one would believe his life if it were a movie. He's not kidding. Schwarzenegger started his career as a body builder, then became Hollywood's biggest star, and, later, was elected as governor of California. Even Frank Capra couldn't come up with a personal narrative like that one.

As Schwarzenegger states in the trailer for Total Recall, that's the story everyone knows. What the Austrian import hopes to accomplish with his memoir, however, is filling fans in the details that haven't been widely reported through the last four decades.

This is a big time for Schwarzenegger, who divorced from his wife Maria Shriver, in 2011. In addition to Total Recall, the former governor returns to the screen in January for "The Last Stand." The film marks Schwarzenegger's first starring role since leaving office. (He also briefly appeared "The Expendables 2" this summer, but in a supporting capacity.) Additionally, Schwarzenegger is set to star opposite Sylvester Stallone in the upcoming thriller "The Tomb." There's another "Terminator" movie in the works as well. As Schwarzenegger's T-800 would say ... well, you know.

Watch the trailer for Total Recall above, and see the cover art below. The book arrives on Oct. 1.

arnold schwarzenegger total recall

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