Arnold Schwarzenegger Isn't Bothered By Donald Trump's Twitter Hate

"I don’t take it personal; it gives me an opportunity to fire back.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has found himself on the wrong side of Donald Trump’s Twitter rants more than once, but “The Terminator” star isn’t fazed. 

“Look, as far as I’m concerned, it didn’t bother me at all,” the actor recently told “Extra’s” Mario Lopez. “The only thing that bothers me is to say, doesn’t he have anything more important to do? But other than that, I don’t take it personal; it gives me an opportunity to fire back.”

He continued, saying he and the president “have been having a good time” with their Twitter spats. 

“He has been talking about my ratings, then I can talk about his ratings — which is the lowest of every president in modern history,” he said. “It gives me a chance when he talks about the environment, I can fire back and say, ‘Are you really sure about this? Do you want to go and bring coal mines back to the coal industry? This industry’s dying. Are you gonna bring back pagers … or buggies and horses …?’ It’s just crazy.”

Schwarzenegger first fell victim to Trump’s tweet-happy fingers following the premiere of “The New Celebrity Apprentice” earlier this year when the actor and politician took over as host. Viewership wasn’t as high as Trump would have liked, which prompted the POTUS to comment

Trump also called out the former governor of California during the National Prayer Breakfast in February, leading Schwarzenegger to, well, fire back

(The feud didn’t stop there ― but we’ll spare you the details for now.)

These days, Schwarzenegger said he’s focusing on after-school programs, an area from which Trump has threatened to eliminate funding

And while he didn’t have any advice for the president, Schwarzenegger offered this: “If he is successful, we are all going to be successful.” 



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