Arranged Marriage = Terrorism

Sunday's 60 Minutes featured an interview with Hassan Butt formerly with "The Network," a web of radical Islamic organizations loosely affiliated with al Qaeda. The Network recruited the four British citizens that perpetrated the London subway bombings. Hassan Butt was a fundraiser and recruiter for The Network and said that the ringleader of the London bombings told him he first became attracted to radical Islam because he saw it as "a way out" of an arranged marriage.

Hassan went on to say: "A lot of guys I know, actually, have become radicalized or initially took the first steps toward learning more about Islam and their way of life as a result of them being forced to marry someone they don't want to marry." Yes folks, that's right, you heard it on 60 Minutes; many middle Eastern men would rather blow themselves up than go through with their arranged marriage. Can you believe that? Given a choice many middle Eastern men will choose the suicide belt over what's under Burkah number two.

Bill Maher is the host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" which airs every Friday at 11PM.