'Arrested Development' Food References: GrubHub Data Reveals Americans' Similarities With The Bluths

WASHINGTON -- Some "Arrested Development" recurring jokes are legendary: the awkward relationship between George Michael and Maeby, Tobias as a Never Nude, "Steve Holt!"

If you're planning an "Arrested Development" food party to celebrate the award-winning series' return on Netflix, you'll soon find plenty of food-related recurring moments, too.

From the Cornballer and Buster's love of juice to the Bluth banana stand, GrubHub crunched the numbers among its delivery and takeout orders to discover what "Arrested Development" foods Americans like best -- and which don't actually even exist.

1. The most juice ever ordered at once on GrubHub: 65 bottles. (Buster, was that you?) Find local juice at Hawthorne Homemade, Sweetgreen and Juice Joint Café.

2. Because sometimes Lucille needs something to soak up the vodka in her stomach, one GrubHub diner ordered toast -- and only toast -- for delivery. For French toast around town, try Cedar, Birch & Barley and Founding Farmers.

3. George's Cornballer may be illegal, but D.C. diners can find cornball-like hush puppies at Eatonville, Sequoia, Sou'Wester and Standard.

4. Carl Weathers loves stew and so does America: GrubHub orders of stew are up 55 percent in the past year. Stop by Mourayo for lamb stew or Et Voila for Flemish beef stew.

5. Lucille may not understand the difference between a tuna salad plate and platter, but overall GrubHub diners prefer platters, which are nearly seven times more popular than tuna salad plates. Chevy Chase standby Booeymonger has an Ahi tuna salad platter for under $10.

6. Sorry, Gob, club sauce exists but we can't find it on any fine dining menus.

Are you ready for May 26?

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