'Arrested Development': Gene Parmesan Returning To Delight Lucille Bluth On Netflix

Ahh! Gene Is Back!

Ahh! Gene! Martin Mull will return to "Arrested Development" as Gene Parmesan, according to Jessica Walter. In an interview with Vulture discussing Lucille Bluth GIFs -- yes, you read that right -- Walter revealed everybody's favorite master of disguise will return to delight Lucille once more.

“First of all, Martin Mull, who plays Gene, is so adorable. I did like getting to smile and scream," Walter said about her character's reaction to Gene Parmesan. "You know, there’s something very little-girly about Lucille. I don’t see her as any kind of a villain. She gets excited about these surprises of his because I believe that’s how she’d react! ... Gene comes back. He’s in our new season. He fools me again! I couldn’t wait to film that episode, truly."

Mull isn't the only returning guest star. Basically every famous face who popped up during the comedy's original three year run will show up during the Netflix revival of "Arrested Development." Judy Greer, Mae Whitman, Liza Minnelli, Ben Stiller, Henry Winkler and Scott Baio are among the returning guest stars. In addition to the familiar faces, Kristen Wiig, Seth Rogen, Isla Fisher and John Slattery will appear.

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