The Best 'Arrested Development' Guest Stars, As Picked By The Cast

Everybody has a favorite "Arrested Development" guest star ... even the cast.

"I love Liza [Minnelli]. I just loved working with her. I love her as a person. She's just fantastic. She's just so great. She was up for anything and she's back in this season," Portia de Rossi told The Huffington Post in a phone interview. "She's just game for anything and has a great sense of humor and can laugh at herself. Just terrific."

Minnelli appeared in several episodes of "Arrested Development" as vertigo-suffering Lucille 2 -- Lucille Austero -- a neighbor to Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter) and one-time lover of more than one Bluth boy.

Minnelli returns in the new season. "It was really strange, it was fun," Minnelli told The Huffington Post about returning to "Arrested Development." "That director [Mitch Hurwitz] is just extraordinary, and he writes it too. So we'd come in, and we've learned the script and he would have changed it completely. [Laughs.] So we all just -- we did the best we could. We did what he told us to do."

Tony Hale (Buster Bluth) told The Huffington Post he was excited to reunite with his "buddy Liza." "It was a joy to see her again. I think she's just such a fantastic lady," he said. "When we were first shooting the show, one of my favorite things to do was just sit around and she would just tell stories of her life. She took my wife and I out for lunch and told us stories. On her part, it was not at all coming from a place of ego, it was just coming from a place of 'listen to my life.' I could listen to her stories all day long. She's lived such a life, such a fascinating life. Just for her to come back and [for me to] reconnect with her -- she's a special person."

Minnelli will likely tango with her on-screen nemesis Lucille Bluth, played by Jessica Walter, once again. Walter told The Huffington Post all the guest stars were great, but there was one who stood out. "I must tell you, Martin Short -- we could not breathe, he was so funny. He played Uncle Jack, and he was beyond hysterical," Walter said in a phone interview with The Huffington Post. "We couldn't breathe, we could hardly get through the day, he was so funny. God, was he funny -- and sweet."

Michael Cera, George-Michael Bluth to "Arrested Development" fans, had a slightly more obscure pick: Bob Einstein, better known to "Arrested" fans as Larry Middleman, George Sr.'s surrogate.

"I really like Super Dave [a character Einstein created] who plays the surrogate," Cera said. "He kills me."

Click through the slideshow below for some classic "Arrested Development" guest stars.

"Arrested Development" returns with new episodes on Netflix on Sunday, May 26.

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