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'Arrested Development': Henry Winkler Says New Season Is 'As Funny As You Want It To Be'

Henry Winkler is returning to the world of "Arrested Development" for the new Netflix season, reprising his role of Barry Zuckerkorn, the Bluth family's hapless lawyer.

Winkler hasn't been shy about cluing viewers in about his time on set. He's tweeted photos and dropped hints about who he's filming with.

Now Winkler is shedding even more light on the new season of the revived cult-hit sitcom. Who's been spending time in the writers' room? How much is ad-libbed? Find out below and click over to Moviefone for the rest of his interview for "Here Comes The Boom."

Now of course, I have to ask about the new season of “Arrested Development.”
I just finished shooting my part in the upcoming episodes. Mitch Hurwitz is one of the three or four geniuses that I have worked with over my career. I’m not kidding, it’s as funny as you want it to be.

The talk of a revival has been going on for years and the fan base never gave up hope that it would come back.
I’ll tell you exactly why. Mitch was worried. How do you bring all those people forward six years in a two hour movie? And he couldn’t solve that problem for himself. So, he made the deal with Netflix to make ten episodes. Each episode is a character. Each episode is a member of the family and each episode brings you forward. So now everybody will be up to date and then out of that will come the movie. But Mitch is there every day and watches the comedy like a mother hen. I would say point-one percent is ad-libbed. The rest of it is written by Mitch and his incredible team. And then, I think even Michael Cera, this go-around, has spent a lot of time in the writers' room.

Did you always have faith that it would come back?
Mitch and I talked a lot about it. I never knew because it is such a fragile decision, you know? And I ended every conversation with him over the years, “You will know in your stomach when it is right. You’re being pulled in every direction to do it, to do it this way, to do it that way. And only you will know when it is right.”

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