'Arrested Development' Movie Being Written By Mitch Hurwitz, Says Peter Serafinowicz

The Bluths are coming back.

Ever since its third season cancellation in 2006 that enraged comedy fans worldwide, a movie adaptation of the cult classic TV show 'Arrested Development' has been the holy grail for wistful diehards, its on-again, off-again status playing with the emotions of the DVD-wielding masses. Now, word has come that creator Mitch Hurwitz is indeed working on the script and that the film will be made.

Speaking to Splitsider.com, Peter Serafinowicz, a co-star of Hurwitz and 'Arrested' star Will Arnett's very short-lived sitcom follow-up 'Running Wilde' that ran this fall, said that Hurwitz is hard at work on the movie. He would know, because he's been added to the cast.

"Mitch told me is that he's writing me into the Arrested Development movie, which I'm super excited about," Serafinowicz said. "It's all properly happening. I don't know anything about it other than that he's writing it and it's happening and I'm going to be in it, apparently."

This backs up what series producer Ron Howard said in January.

"What happened is that [Hurwitz] became such an important television superstar that he began developing a lot of pilots and he really wanted to follow through with that," Howard said. "So he put in a couple years doing that -- always letting the 'Arrested Development' movie percolate -- and now he's done that. I think this is really now front-and-center in his mind."

This may conclude a long saga for the movie, which went from on to off any number of times. In February 2009, it was reported that breakout star Michael Cera was a roadblock to the film, but a month later, it seemed all systems go.

In June 2010, star David Cross said it wasn't happening, but six months later, it seems it is once again moving forward.

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