'Arrested Development' At SXSW: Mitch Hurwitz, Jeffrey Tambor and Will Arnett Introduce First Clips (VIDEO)

At SXSW on Sunday morning, "Arrested Development" stars Jeffrey Tambor and Will Arnett along with creator Mitch Hurwitz fielded fan questions and unveiled clips of the upcoming episodes for the first time ever.

The "Arrested Development" Q&A attendees at the Samsung Galaxy Experience were treated to two never-before-seen clips: a finished scene featuring Gob (Arnett) and Michael (Jason Bateman) and an unedited outtake featuring Buster (Tony Hale) and Lucille (Jessica Walter), as well as a few seconds of the new opening sequence.

The Gob and Michael scene had to do with one if Gob's favorite medications, "Forget Me Now," also known as "Roofies." The unedited clip was about two minutes of Lucille smoking a cigarette while Buster inhales her plumes of smoke and blows them out the balcony door. Unfortunately, we can't share them here since Hurwitz and Arnett only showed the clips after pleading with the audience not to record.

Tambor and Hurwitz stressed that "Arrested Development's" eager fans, coupled with recent advances in technology, are largely to thank for bringing the show back via Netflix. After being repeatedly recognized at Best Buy, Hurwitz said he realized that the "Arrested Development" fanbase was tech-savvy enough to support an online model. Arnett added that releasing all 14 episodes at once on Netflix actually enhances the experience.

"The episodes are coming to fans in a personal way, which is very 'Arrested Development,'" Tambor said.

When asked about an "Arrested Development" movie, Hurwitz said that although each episode of the upcoming season focuses on catching up with one character, the 14 episodes set up a larger story that could still result in a movie ... if 20th Century Fox wants to make one.

One audience member asked specifically about comedian Maria Bamford's guest role on the show and both Tambor and Hurwitz praised her performance. Tambor called her a "very modest, humble actress," and Hurwitz deemed her, "a hilarious mess." Hurwitz also revealed her character's name, "Debris."

Check out the video above for more from "Arrested Development" at SXSW.

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