Arrested Over Twitter: 8 Tweets That Got People BUSTED

BUSTED: 8 Tweets That Got People ARRESTED

Twitterers and non-Twitterers alike often grumble that the many tweets are fluffy nonsense--posts about what we ate for breakfast, complaints about the weather, and other trifles. But some unlucky Tweeters have found it's better to be boring than to get busted.

We've taken a look at 8 cases where Twitter overshares, "jokes," and opinionated tweets have gotten people arrested. Know of other cases? Share them with us at technology [at]!

See the slideshow below, then check out tweets that got people fired, 19 Facebook posts that got people arrested, and Facebook overshares that got users canned.

Man Arrested, Fined For Tweeting Airport Bomb Threat

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