Arriet-hay Iers-may Ill-way Overturn-way Oe-ray Ersus-vay Ade-way

Has the right really lost its ability to hear the dog-whistle the White House is blowing? George Wallace's people always knew just what he meant when he said "states' rights." Any talk-radio listener knows that "Hollywood" means "Jew." So why can't Bush get through to his base on the Miers nomination? C'mon, people. "I know her heart" = she's ok on all our litmus tests. "Trust me" = she'll overturn Roe. "She won't legislate from the bench" = she'll repeal gay marriage laws, school prayer bans, campaign finance limits, and everything else on the books that we don't like. "She won't change" = Jeb can count on her. What part of "Shhh, I can't say it out loud, but she's one of us" do George Will, Sam Brownback and the rest not understand? Maybe he should use POW blink-code in his next press conference. Or he could try Pig Latin, though there's a chance that some Democrats on the Judiciary Committee might actually understand that. Or perhaps glossolalia is the way to go: paging Dr. Dobson! Wait - how about parseltongue? Voldemort could teach this White House a thing or two about secret communication.