Here's Why The Flying Saucer Is Sideways In 'Arrival'


Today, on Tuesday, Nov. 8, after months of fighting, families being ripped apart and too many moments where it seemed as if our country would not make it through such a trying time, we finally have an answer to the question that has captivated us for so long: Why does the flying saucer appear sideways in the movie posters for “Arrival”?

My colleague, Bill Bradley, saw a press screening for “Arrival” Monday night. This morning, I asked him to give me the answer Americans figured might never come.

Here’s our conversation from Gchat:

Me: how was arrival 


Bill: pretty good

some lines made me lol at the end, but it was pretty good


Me: why is the flying saucer sideways


Bill: it’s not a saucer dude

it’s a shell!!!!

what the shell!


Me: why is the shell sideways / look like a silver flying saucer


Bill: we think it

s sideways

but we know so little ...


Me: hmmm

If you look at the poster, stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker look as perplexed and concerned as many of us have throughout the course of 2016.

Thankfully, there’s no more need to spend all day and all night worrying. You can like your neighbors once again. You can have conversations about new things every day instead of inevitably letting every discussion return to that terrible question that has plagued us: Why is the flying saucer sideways?

The thing is, we were thinking about this all wrong.

We assumed what we were seeing was legitimate and that there was a real reason why it appeared the flying saucer wasn’t leaning left or right like it clearly should have been.

Instead, we had been looking at a shell.

In any case, now you know, so you may go live your life to the fullest once again.



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