Dog Survives After Arrow Is Shot Through Its Head

A mixed-breed pit bull was found in Atlanta, Ga., with an arrow through his head, but is expected to survive, according to news reports.

The dog was found late Tuesday and was taken immediately to an emergency veterinarian, where the arrow was successfully removed, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

"It missed the eye by about a quarter of an inch, so this dog is very lucky," veterinarian Dr. James Hayes told MyFox Atlanta.

The veterinarians at the animal hospital nicknamed the dog Arrow. He is still at the animal hospital so that the doctors there can make sure there aren't any secondary effects or major damage from the injury, but so far the dog seems to be doing fine, MyFox Atlanta reported.

Now, Fulton County officials in Atlanta are trying to figure out who shot the arrow through the dog's head, and are offering a $1,000 reward for the person, WSBTV reported.

"This is an egregious case of animal cruelty," Tony Phillips, of Fulton County, told WSBTV.

"Arrow" isn't the first resilient dog to have survived injuries recently, despite extremely horrifying odds. Earlier this year, The Daily Mail reported the story of a crossbreed mongrel in Malta named Star who survived after being shot in the head 40 times with a pellet gun and buried alive up to her nose. Doctors were able to remove all the pellets from the dog's skull. And last month in Decatur, Ga., a chow-mix named Cindy survived after being shot in the head twice, stuffed in a garbage bag and then put in a garbage bin, CBS Atlanta reported. The dog's owner was charged with felony aggravated animal abuse.

And less maliciously, just this past April, WTSP in Miami, Fla., reported the story of a dog that got its head stuck in a fishing boat cooler. She was likely stuck there for at least a week before rescuers were able to free her by using a saw to cut through the cooler, WTSP reported.