'Arrow' Introduces The Flash As Barry Allen Comes To Starling City (VIDEO)

While plans may have changed for the proposed "The Flash" spin-off, Barry Allen nevertheless made his planned debut in "Arrow." While he wasn't the Flash yet, there were plenty of nods to his future destiny. At one point, Barry was standing next to shelves of chemicals during a lightning storm -- his origin in the comics -- and there were constant references to him being late all the time.

While superheroics may be in his future, for now, Barry Allen is a young forensic scientist determined to prove his father's innocence. Papa Allen is in prison for murdering Barry's mother, but Barry insists that it was some kind of being with super-strength. He tagged along on a case in Starling City to try and learn more, but it got him in trouble with his boss back in Central City.

But when Oliver accidentally got injected with some unknown chemicals, Felicity made a desperate move. She and Diggle knocked Barry out before he could skip town, and brought him down to their lair. “Please save my friend," Felicity told him as Barry awoke, taking in his surroundings, and Oliver Queen as Arrow lying unconscious on a table.

Entertainment Weekly's Samantha Highfill loved the temporary addition, writing that "the fresh-faced lad came ready to play, with lots of energy and lots more knowledge.” Unfortunately, Grant Gustin ("Glee") is only booked for two episodes. He was supposed to return for a backdoor pilot for "The Flash" spin-off later this season, but that's been scrapped. Instead, he'll film a stand-alone pilot.

"Arrow" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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