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Arsenio Hall Says He Can Survive Late Night With 'Urban America' (VIDEO)

Arsenio Hall’s return to late night television has presented a few challenges since debuting on September 9. While Hall’s revamped syndicated talk show posted strong ratings during its premiere week, various reports suggest that the Los Angeles-based nightly series is currently experiencing a decline in viewership.
Despite the bleak chatter, the 57-year-old remains optimistic to carve his own niche in today’s saturated late night television market. He shared his thoughts earlier this week during a phone interview with Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now.”

“It’s a crowded market. There’s a lot of Jimmys [Fallon] in late night,” he admitted. “I looked at the demos and if urban America supports my show I can survive in this crowded market with just urban America, because I know who I am…there was a time where a guy like me would be encouraged to get a crossover audience, but it’s a new day. It’s a Barack Obama day. And I literally can be myself.”

Check out Arsenio Hall’s full interview segment in the clip below.

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