Karma Comes Back Around For Dumbass Arsonist

The man fled with his foot in flames following the bungled attack.

An arsonist in South Australia accidentally set his own leg on fire while trying to start a blaze, authorities say.

Surveillance footage shows the unidentified man pouring accelerant onto the ground behind a row of stores in the Adelaide suburb of Old Reynella at 3:20 a.m. Monday.

But as he goes to light the fuel, it explodes. He frantically tries to stomp out the flames engulfing the lower part of his left leg and foot, before rolling under a fence and out of view.

Nearby residents who heard the explosion ran to the scene and poured water on the flames until fire crews arrived. Police said the damage caused to the businesses was kept “to a minimum.”

South Coast Police shared the video online Monday in an appeal for information on the identity of the man, who they suspect was injured in the incident. They also asked for help in finding his suspected accomplice, who was seen with him nearby.



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