Michael Morgan, Arsonist, Sets Himself On Fire While Trying To Burn Down Pub In England (VIDEO)

While attempting to set a pub on fire, an arsonist accidentally set his clothes ablaze before riding away from the scene on his bicycle.

In August, Michael Morgan, 33, rode up to a pub called "The Club" and poured fuel over the front of the bar, the BBC reports.

Morgan was reportedly kicked out of the establishment for fighting with another customer the previous night.

Security camera footage captured Morgan holding a flame to the fuel, just before fire begins to scorch the front of the building. But amid all the commotion, the arsonist flees the crime scene seemingly unaware his own clothes have also caught fire.

In December, a judge sentenced the arsonist to 30 months in jail for the crime, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Although Morgan escaped without injury, Landlord Steve Ball said the arsonist surely made himself memorable.

"People will always remember Morgan as the clown on the bike who set himself on fire, and he will have to live with that," Ball told the Sun.