Art Basel Miami Beach 2012: Top Events To Attend During The Fair (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Art Basel Miami Beach is officially upon us. People all over the world are gathering their business cards and hangover sunglasses to hop on over to the country's biggest party art fair.

Trying to experience Miami Basel to the fullest can be overwhelming. Where should one start, exactly? Well, we're here to help!

We've compiled a list of the events that made us tingle with excitement from the moment we perused their press releases. From relational aesthetics-friendly free soup to an appearance by the man in black himself, Will Smith, here are ten Miami Basel happenings that will delight the eyes, challenge the mind and make you brag to your friends via your various social media accounts.

Check in throughout the week for all Basel-related news including photo diaries, live blogs and more juicy details.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2012