Art Basel Miami Beach 2012: The 10 Hot Artists Of ABMB (PHOTOS)

It's no easy feat getting chosen to participate in the country's biggest art fair. And even if you are accepted into Art Basel Miami Beach, it's certainly not easy to stand out amongst the hundreds of artworks, glamorous fairgoers and champagne carts. But 10 artists triumphed over all, standing out and drawing a crowd against all odds.

There was something magnetic about the following artists, who seemed to be pulling passersby en masse with a gravitational force. We present you the rulers of ABMB 2012... an eclectic group of sculptors, painters, street artists and pranksters from around the world. Perhaps the only unifying thing about the top 10 is their refusal to play by the traditional art fair rules... which we all know are bo-ring.

What do you think, readers? Should more artists take risky approaches like our chosen 10? Or are the crowds to blame for falling for works with greater entertainment value?

The Rulers Of ABMB 2012