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Art Fag City at The L Magazine: The Rise of Online Galleries

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Over the last year, a growing new online artist community has arisen, dubbed by member Brad Troemel as "Dual Sites." This consists of artist-run galleries typically formed by fresh art school graduates who also run online galleries on tumblr blogs. They are located all over the globe (though the density is greatest in the United States) and are particularly popular with art students.

"Our appreciation of a resume is largely made up of recognizing accomplishments [in the form of events, exhibitions and curating] that we did not attend," writes Troemel in his essay, "The Emergence of Dual Sites," for the popular tumblr, The Jogging (which he co-authors). "Facebook invitations to Dual Sites' shows are a telling part of their existence. Most of those invited to attend are not actually asked to visit, but to recognize the existence of an event--to believe it took place, and in doing so, value the exemplified support for the artists shown."

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