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Art, Fashion, & the Selfie - G Gurl Selfie

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Art is all around us, fashion forever changing and the selfie transcending the way we view the self. By eliminating the self in the photo series I present you, I explore the idea what is or isn't art, fashion, and the selfie by disconnecting the viewer from the model by eliminating the self with the gorilla mask. This act of elimination has been done by the Guerrilla Girls, a feminist art group formed in the summer of 1985 in New York City. By eliminating the self, the Guerrilla Girls were able to take the attention off the self and concentrate on the discrimination in art and the struggles the other are presented in society.

I have done a similar approach with art, fashion and the selfie. What makes fashion, what is art? What constitutes a selfie? By exploring these ideas and adapting them in a new manner, I in effect by using the mask disqualify the fundamentals of what is art, fashion, and the selfie. By opposing these elements, juxtaposes questions on the idea of art, fashion, and the selfie. I present you G Gurl Selfie photography series where the project explores elements from art, fashion and the selfie, intermixed, to give a new perspective on the way these elements can be interpreted.

Images: Shawn Reinoehl