Art Heals Heartache For Sandy Kids

When life gives you lemons, make art. That's what Elana Haviv, Founder of Children's Movement for Creative Education, did at least.

After Hurricane Sandy, the art relief caravan project set up shop so that the kids could come out and finally be kids again. "For the past few weeks we've been coming to communities that still do not yet have full utilities - gas, heat, electricity, water - and providing art projects for the kids to express themselves. They have a voice in this crisis. It's also so that they can have fun," says Haviv.

Children's Movement for Creative Education will be sending some of their artwork to the children at Sandy Hook elementary school to help comfort them in the upcoming weeks.

Check out how art provided a sense of therapy for these kids:

Art provides a space for different thoughts and feelings to be told without expressing them verbally. Elana has seen noticeable changes with kids that were withdrawn and timid after the hurricane. "The kids themselves have a different demeanor than they did a few weeks ago, thank goodness."

"I think today's event was wanted and very much needed by the children. Rockaway has been through a lot," advocated an affected parent.

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