Art of Aha: Morning Win

My husband and I crack up when we see that commercial featuring a cookie for breakfast against the tagline, "Morning win." (Aside: See an awesome #MorningWin parody.) I too have energy after every cookie I eat. You probably do too. Then a sudden crash. However, the word "win" appeals to most humans. Ergo, marketing pros love to use it. It's true. We all like being around winners. The media loves to talk about winners, too. So use it in your journaling to score insights. Today your Art of Aha #MorningWin is the 2015 Emmy Nominations.

Hollywood awards can be your 'morning win' if you tie-in to your favorite comedy, reality show or drama. I'm not only talking about the topics of the television shows themselves, but also the celebrities behind the brilliance. When meditating or writing your journal entries, ask yourself:

1) Are notable actors participating in charity related to my passions?

2) To what macro public conversations do these shows point? (Example, the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a comedy that points to what life is like for people after they've been held hostage for years. The fact they made a comedy out of such heavy issues is a miracle.) Get your commentary & credentials about these public matters in your journals.

3) What are fans saying about the shows? Their commentary can be great fodder for insights and breakthroughs. In this example, Game of Thrones fans speculate on shooting locations. Those writing about geographical regions can generate humor and insights for themselves. This Albuquerque Comic-con attendee illustrates this brilliantly on social media as Bryan Cranston delivers the perfect "your mother" joke and then drops the microphone. Certainly, this man's hometown community now finds humor in his views and commentary since his video went viral. I once interviewed a PhD about laughter. He told me, ten minutes of laughing is reported to benefit the heart as much as thirty minutes of cardio. If feels nice, nonetheless.

Other #MorningWins include last night's ESPY's awards ceremony. Jenner makes big news there, but my favorite is Ronda Rousey's Floyd Mayweather commentary after accepting her award for best fighter. Says Rousey, "I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once." Not only can sports experts have fun with this, but domestic violence educators and authors can now use this example to influence whole communities.

(to the tune of the #MorningWin commercial)

#MorningWin: aka eat an (aha) cookie. Win with winners.