Wild Behind-The-Scenes Photos Remind Us That Movies Are Much More Than Magic

The things we’ll do for a good story are pretty incredible.
Actors Peter O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn get uncomfortable together in a cramped broom cupboard in a scene from the crime caper "<strong>How to Steal a Million</strong>," 1966.
Actors Peter O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn get uncomfortable together in a cramped broom cupboard in a scene from the crime caper "How to Steal a Million," 1966.
Iconic Images/Terry O'Neill

She makes it look so easy.

In “How to Steal a Million,” Audrey Hepburn coolly stops a man whom she presumes to be a thief from stealing her father’s forged painting. The pair gets into all manner of hijinks, before, naturally, professing their passionate feelings for one another. Each line and action scene flows smoothly into the next, in that stream of perfectly timed events that makes audiences exclaim about the magic of movies.

Of course, movies aren’t magic, but the products of lots of money and grueling work. To capture the grittier side of the industry -- or at least the scenes we don’t always see -- a photo exhibition titled “The Art of Behind the Scenes” aims to reveal those offhandedly magical moments not captured on camera.

In one photo, Hepburn and her co-star in “How to Steal a Million,” Peter O’Toole, sit uncomfortably crammed in a broom cupboard, his leg twisted around her demure lap, in preparation for shooting a heist scene. In another scene, on the set of “Moby Dick,” filmed in 1954, a crew of shirtless men helm a lifeboat while two cameramen maneuver around the choppy waters, trying to capture the perfect shot, a feat that wouldn’t have been weathered if CGI had been around at the time. In yet another, actress Brigitte Bardot sits on the floor with legs splayed, cigarette hanging from her lips, playing what looks to be a game of Solitaire, in a perfect image of on-set ennui.

These and other images of how movies are made were collected by Finch & Partner and Jaeger-LeCoultre in “The Art of Behind the Scenes," which will be on view at the Hôtel du Cap in Antibes, France, on May 13, 2016, coinciding with the annual Cannes Film Festival. See a preview of the collection below.

Iconic Images/Douglas Kirkland
French actress Brigitte Bardot plays cards on set of the comedy-adventure film "Viva Maria," 1965.
Magnum Photos
On the set of "Moby Dick" directed by John Huston, 1954.
Magnum Photos
John Huston discusses sound with "The Misfits" stars Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and sound man (back to the camera). 1960.
Duffy Archive
David Bowie in the process of being made up for his acting role in the cult film "The Man Who Fell to Earth," in which he played the part of an alien (July 1975).
Melinda Sue Gordon
Circular track from the set of "Tall Tale," featuring Patrick Swayze as Pecos Bill (on Widow Maker), John Ryan as grub (left), Scott Wilson as Zeb (right), camera operator Mitch Dubin and dolly grip Jack Glenn.
Magnum Photos
On the set of the film "Notorious," directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1946.
Phil Caruso
Martin Scorsese on the set of "Casino" in 1995.
Charlie Gray
Director and leading man Ralph Fiennes looking through the viewfinder on the set of "The Invisible Woman" in 2012.
Iconic Images/Terry O'Neill
British actor Michael Caine takes a rest with Anthony Quinn during the filming of Guy Green's 1968 film "The Magus" on Mallorca.
Esteban Szczipnyj
Director Lisandro Alonso with Viggo Mortensen, cinematographer Timo Salminen and film crew on the set of "Jauja" in epic Patagonia, Argentina, 2013.
Despina Spyrou
Director Athina Rachel Tsangari with actor Vagelis Mourikis on the set of "Chevalier" on Saint George Island, Attica, 2014.
Ghislain Dussart/Rapho
Jean-Luc Godard during the filming of "Le Mepris" in Villa Malaparte on January 1, 1963 in Capri, Italy.
Magnum Photos
Andy Warhol at the Silver Factory with his first sophisticated anchored camera in 1964.
Magnum Photos
The American writer and movie director Norman Mailer during a "speaking party."
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