Art Of The Brick: Nathan Sawaya's Lego Creations Debuted In New York Are Awesome

You've Never Seen Legos Like THIS (PHOTOS)

When you see an art show like this, it's hard to Lego.

But that terrible pun shouldn't detract from Nathan Sawaya's exhibit, "The Art Of The Brick," because it's some of the most complex and provocative Lego art you'll ever see. Though the man has been traveling the world with his collection, he debuted a few never-before-seen pieces in New York this week.

Sawaya's most famous piece, "Yellow," is a life-sized sculpture of a man ripping open his chest, revealing -- you guessed it -- yellow Legos inside. The New York native said many of his pieces are a reflection of himself.

"These works are very personal to me, since they reflect my growth as an artist as I strove to discover my creative identity," he said in New York. "The Art Of The Brick exhibition is accessible because it engages the child in all of us while simultaneously illuminating sophisticated and complex concepts ... But my goal with this exhibition when it first debuted in 2007 was to elevate this simple plaything to a place it has never been before."

Check out some of his work below, and don't miss the full exhibit.

The Art Of The Brick

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