‘Art Of The Deal’ Co-Author: Trump ‘Incapable Of Reading A Book, Much Less Writing One’

Tony Schwartz -- who said he penned Trump's most famous book, while sharing credit -- scoffs at the president's writing skill claim.

A man who should know is not buying President Donald Trump’s recent tweet bragging about his writing chops.

Tony Schwartz, who shared the authorship credit with Trump for The Art of the Deal, hit back at the president’s boast on Tuesday about taking pride in “my ability to write” and having penned “many best selling books.”

“He is incapable of reading a book, much less writing one,” Schwartz tweeted on Wednesday. The author had previously revealed to The New Yorker that he had written all of 1987′s Art of the Deal.

Some of the folks responding to Schwartz on Twitter argued that The Art of the Deal sounds just like Trump. The co-author, who has emerged as a vocal Trump critic since the president’s campaign, reiterated that Trump did not write a word of it.

Trump has denied that Schwartz wrote the entire book, telling The New Yorker it was a collaborative effort.

Trump’s tweet boasting about his writing ability included a glaring misuse of a word that was widely mocked on Twitter. The error ― using “pour” when he meant “pore” ― was fixed and Trump’s comments were reposted.

Trump biographer Tim O’Brien also hit back against Trump’s claims, quickly responding that the president did not write any of his books.

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