'The Art Of The Fail': The Meme That Ate Donald Trump's Book

Social media users have offered the president some advice inspired by his 1987 business book after he failed to reach a deal on his health care plan.

President Donald Trump’s business boasts in his book The Art of the Deal returned to haunt him after the GOP failed to repeal Obamacare and replace it with his Trumpcare health plan Friday. And the irony was not lost on many social media users, who quickly turned the title into hilarious memes.

To illustrate the GOP’s bill failure, memesters and commentators offered up new titles, such as “The Art of the Fail,” “The Art of the Bad Deal,” “The Art of the Ordeal,” “The Art of Repeal,” “The Fart of the Deal,” and even “The Shart of the Deal.” And that doesn’t begin to cover the comments...

Actor Jim Carrey went way out on a limb to post the most memorable dig, with visual that earned him lots of Twitter admonishments to “have some respect” for the president.


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