Art School Survival Guide: Students, Graduates And Staff Give Their Best Words Of Wisdom (SLIDESHOW)

Telling the world you are going to art school is no walk in the park. Get ready for the exasperated sigh, the onslaught of unsavory statistics and the talk, or ten, about making practical choices. In fact, deciding you want to go to art school is such a pain, it almost feels more taxing than art school itself.

But it's not. Sorry guys, we wish we could say otherwise but art school is no easy feat. Taxing emotionally, intellectually, physically and of course economically, the behemoth that is getting that art degree is not for everyone. But just because it's tough doesn't mean art school isn't thrilling, rewarding and even magical... if you know what to expect.

Back to school season is upon us and to celebrate the scent of freshly sharpened pencils in the air, (or paint fumes in this case,) we have made an art school survival guide, composed of nuggets of wisdom from students, grads and faculty from art schools around the country. Soak up their advice, their warnings and all the snarky comments in the slideshow below in order to prepare yourself to embark upon your future as an artist.

Enjoy, and good luck! Let us know the advice you'd give in the comments section.

Art School Survival Guide
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