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Art Student Freak Out: Woman Smashes Painting After Classmates Critique Her Work (VIDEO)

We're pretty sure this hilarious video of an art student freaking out is fake. But that doesn't mean contemporary art scholars across the web won't symphathize with the poor, sensitive soul.

The clip, posted to YouTube by a user named Da KAnDyMaNFU, documents what we would describe as one of the worst peer reviews we've ever seen. After listening to a few rather scathing critiques from her fellow classmates, the star of the video breaks out into an epic tantrum that culminates in a smashed painting and a heavily bruised ego.

"I wanted to... I'm not really... I don't do a lot of abstract art," she murmurs to the audience. "In fact I really kind of dislike it a lot."

The two-and-a-half minute recording ends with the woman dramatically exiting the classroom, which leads us to believe this perfect meltdown is a performance project in its own. Either way, we were highly entertained by the acting, so Brava!

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