Art Supply Sales Are Up, Thanks To Anti-Trump Protests

So, at least there's that!

One happy corollary of Donald Trump’s presidency is that, thanks to marches and demonstrations sweeping the nation in protest of his rhetoric and policies, art supply sales are up! 

Women’s Marches alone occurred in approximately 600 cities around the world. According to market research company NPD Group, such demonstrations caused a significant bump in the sales of poster boards, markers, glue and scissors, among other materials likely used in the creative signage brandished by the massive crowds, Hyperallergic first reported.

Demonstrators walk down Piccadilly during the Women's March on London on Jan. 21.
Demonstrators walk down Piccadilly during the Women's March on London on Jan. 21.

Specifically, in the week before the Women’s Marches, sales of poster boards in the U.S. were up 33 percent compared to last year, and foam boards were up by 42 percent. Over 6.5 million posters were sold in January 2017, the month of the marches, with one-third of all sales occurring in the week leading up to it. Additionally, paint markers are up 35 percent, specialty markers 24 percent, glue 27 percent, and even scissors were up a bit at 6 percent compared to 2016. (Maybe next year, let’s experiment with some cutouts, yeah?)

This marketing update comes as just another reminder that marching ― no matter your partisan affiliation ― makes a difference. Not only can protesters support the rights and freedoms of their fellow citizens, they can support the art supply biz at a time when the arts need all the help they can get.

Go forth and craft on!



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