Arta Dobroshi Wardrobe Malfunction Reveals A Major Rear View At Cannes (NSFW PHOTOS)

As ladies, we know that there's nothing more fun than twirling around in a flouncy skirt. We also know that those who twirl must practice safe twirling.

The Cannes film festival ended on Sunday, and as we were taking the time to review the fashion highlights, we noticed one standout outfit that we couldn't possibly have missed.

Kosovar Albanian actress Arta Dobroshi, 32, who stars in the film "Trois Mondes," took a twirl at the movie's photocall on Friday in her pretty blue skirt. (She's the first Kosovar actress to walk the red carpet at Cannes, which is pretty effing cool.)

But as all practiced twirlers know, if you're going to spin around in a flouncy skirt, you have to be prepared, as in, wearing something underneath. Dobroshi may have been wearing sheer tights (maybe? We can't tell), but regardless, it seems the French Riviera breeze got ahold of Dobroshi's skirt and created a little too much of a rear view.

Eek! See the (NSFW!) photos below, and scroll down for more celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.


arta dobroshi

arta dobroshi

arta dobroshi

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