These Funny As Hell Arthur Memes Will Have You Doubled Over Laughing

Black Twitter is flexing that creativity muscle yet again.

Everyone’s favorite childhood aardvark has taken over the internet over the past couple of days ― and it isn’t for his impeccable spelling skills.

Black Twitter outdid their own creativity when they took screenshots of different scenes from the show “Arthur” and added their own tongue-in-cheek ― sometimes less than appropriate ― commentary.

People have created hundreds of memes depicting prominent characters in the show dealing with real-life issues (like Francine’s mom demanding that the dishes are clean before she comes home), soap opera-esque issues (like D.W.’s infidelity) and everything in between (like Buster jamming to Beyoncé’s “Sorry”). Folks even started a thread of the characters reenacting the love triangle in the Ron Isley song “Contagious.”

Check some of the funniest “Arthur” memes below.

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