The Best Artificial Christmas Trees at Walmart

Whether you want a tree that looks realistic or that makes a statement all on its own, these are the faux evergreens that customers rate the highest.
Faux-fir Christmas tree
Faux-fir Christmas tree

Even if drug stores are stocked with candy canes and Starbucks has their red cups out, for many people, it isn’t officially the holiday season until their Christmas tree is up.

Christmas trees are more than holiday decor; they’re a central part of celebrating. It’s where beloved ornaments passed down through the years are hung, it’s where gifts are exchanged and where kids put out cookies and milk for Santa. Even if you only have room for a Charlie Brown-sized tree, if you celebrate Christmas, having a tree is essential.

If you’re looking for an artificial Christmas tree — one you can use year after year and won’t shed pine needles all over your carpet — Walmart has over 1,000 to choose from. (That’s … a lot.) To help make your search for the perfect tree a heck of a lot easier, we rounded up the top picks here, based on ratings and customer reviews.

Ready to deck the halls? Keep reading to see 15 artificial Christmas trees worthy of a spot in your living room.

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A 7.5-foot artificial fir tree
Tall and full, this artificial tree has an almost perfect rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. People who bought it love how easy it is to assemble and that it doesn’t take up too much room when it's folded up. If you have high ceilings, this is one tree worth considering.
A natural-looking tree dusted with “snow”
Dusted with “snow” and realistic-looking pinecones, this artificial tree will look like it was transported right from the woods. The size is perfect for homes with high ceilings but short on space for fuller trees.
A classic prelit tree
Avoid the hassle of untangling ropes of Christmas lights by going for a tree that’s already lit. The clear lights on this one give it a classic vibe. Customers love the lighter green color, saying it makes the tree look more realistic than many other artificial trees.
A showstopping faux tree in bubblegum pink
This tree is the Elle Woods of Christmas trees. It’s tall, fabulous and extra in the best possible way. The branches are full and fluffy; no bare spots here!
A faux-fir tree sprinkled with rainbow LED lights
Yes, this tree is a bit pricey, but if you’re looking for a showstopper, this is it. It has the perfect amount of fullness and the branches realistically droop just enough. Plus, it’s already strung with 900 color-changing LED lights, with eight different settings.
A tall, skinny tree with fairy lights
Trim pencil trees are perfect for corners otherwise bare of Christmas cheer. This one is green with snowy branches, adorned with classic clear lights.
An affordable 7-foot tree with colorful lights
On the hunt for a colorfully-lit tree but can’t bring yourself to spend $300 on one? This top-rated pick is on sale for $134. Choose from between five different Christmas light colors and 11 different pattern settings.
A smaller tree with Roy G. Biv vibes
Is there a tree that’s bursting with pride more than this one? Fingers crossed that somewhere over the rainbow and under this tree, your Christmas dreams will come true.
A 4-foot tree with fairy lights
If you live in an apartment or have a smaller space, a 4 foot tree like this one is a better option than a 7-footer. With over 260 branches, there’s still plenty of places to hang all your favorite ornaments.
An affordable tree in a snowy white hue
If Elsa (of Frozen fame) had a Christmas tree, it would be this one: the blue lights cast the perfect glow over the white branches. Plus, at $39 it’s hard to beat the price!
A tall golden tree
A rose gold Christmas tree is unexpectedly glamorous and will make your whole room shine. This one is pre-lit and looks festive even without any ornaments on it at all.
A 7-foot artificial pine tree with colorful LED lights
Almost 800 people have purchased this pre-lit pine, with the majority of them giving it either four or five stars out of five. The lights have seven different modes to choose from, so you can switch it up depending on the vibe.
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