Artist Chris Trueman Explores Rough Edges And Slippery Color Fields At Lancaster Museum Of Art (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Rough Edges And Slippery Color Fields

What would a current of air or water driven by a propeller look like as a static painting? Artist Chris Trueman translates the physical phenomena via pigment with his abstract exhibition titled, "Slipstream."

chris trueman

In Trueman's color fields, sharp-edged lines propel fields of color with such urgency the strokes are nearly vibrating. The unusual adaptation of science into art illuminates the proximity of the two disciplines with straightforward ease. The exhibition will give science buffs a chance to nerd out on the painted phenomena (and for the rest of us art-minded folk, we can finally understand the meaning of "slipstream.") It's a win-win, really.

Chris Trueman's "Slipstream" is on view at the Lancaster Museum of Art & History in California until March 10, 2013.

See a preview of the works below and let us know if they inspire you to brush up on your physics.


Chris Trueman

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