Artist Tommy Gun Creates Stonehenge From Old Cars (PHOTOS)

In celebration of the recent summer solstice, one artist has decided to pay homage to Stonehenge, the mysterious prehistoric monument of Salisbury, England. Tommy Gun created a replica of the famous stone circle using 18 scrap cars stacked bumper-to-bumper on the lawn of London's South Bank.

The sculpture stands five meters tall, weighing in at 36 tons, which according to the Daily Mail is enough to withstand a Force 12 Hurricane. It took Gun, an artist who specializes in large-scale sculptures and mechanical art, three months to assemble the whole thing.

The project, dubbed "Skodahenge," was commissioned by Czech auto manufacturer Skoda to promote its new Citigo car. The cars used in the structure clocked a total of 1.9 million miles and are all entirely recyclable, reports the Daily Mail. In late June, the installation will take a tour of the UK, stopping at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex. If you can't make it to England, check out artist Jim Reinders's 1987 homage to Stonehenge in Alliance, Nebraska.

See a slideshow of "Car-henge" below:

Stonehenge Art Installation