Artist Daniel Canogar Projects Old Movies Onto DVDs For Kaleidoscopic Art Installation (VIDEO)

Artist Projects Old Movies Onto DVD Disco Ball With Trippy Results

Here is another reason to mourn the looming obsolescence of DVDs: they make stunning canvases. Artist Daniel Canogar, who often works with re-appropriating dead media, recently projected old films onto the circular discs with mesmerizing results.

In the work "Sikka Magnum" above, the cinematic images flash onto 360 DVDs, enhanced with dreamy soundscapes made from the films' remixed soundtracks. Voices and colors flicker and melt to form a frenetic disco ball that captures the fleeting beauty of a lost media form.

The piece is currently being shown in Buildmuseet, in Umeå, Sweden. See some of Canogar's other works below:

What do you think of this unusual movie-going experience? For more explorations in discarded media, check out Sean Avery's CD rom sculptures of the animal kingdom.

Sean Avery

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