Artist Development: A Key to Unlocking Your Purpose in Life

When the TEDx keynote curator first sat me down to brief me on how I should best prepare for my talk, I will never forget the two prompts she left me with before I began preparing.

First, she said, "In your 100 mile walk, what's the one single mile you can share that would best encapsulate your entire journey best?" The second thing was, "What's your most transferable idea you can share that would add the most value you to world?"

Our conversation was one of the most impactful experiences I've had to date, and I wish that every person would take time to think about these questions for themselves. Just dream for a second what the world could be like if we all shared our stories and messages in "the most transferable and valuable ways"... pretty radical.

WATCH: Corey Ferrugia, "Artist Development: Unlocking Your Purpose"

I totally appreciate it if you take the time to watch my entire message, but here's my personal responses to those prompts in a nutshell. Check it out:


A practitioner of a craft.

If, by definition, this is what an artist is, what, then, in the human experience could NOT be approached as a craft, or as an art?

So, my idea that I would like to share is that what makes an "artist" an artist is actually in their point of view, their intention, their approach and in the way they live their lives. In this light, becoming an artist isn't a destination; it's a way of traveling.

This means everyone has the potential to awaken and develop the artist within.

What do you believe the world would look like for communities and cultures everywhere if individuals had full access to resources they could use to leverage their passions in order to develop their potential through artistic development, living out their ultimate purpose in life?

I look forward to your thoughts and feedback in the comment section, social media or by email.

Corey Ferrugia
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Los Angeles, California
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