Artist Interview: Izzy Weissgerber

Originally from New York City, Izzy Weissberger is a Berlin-based artist who mixes pop art, iconic photography, and her synesthetic vision to create complex and provocative artworks. Since 2008, her work has appeared in group and solo exhibitions and art fairs throughout the U.S. and Germany. 


Arthena: How did you begin your journey as an artist?

Izzy: I've been artist as long as I can remember. I started creating the moment I was able to hold a crayon. It was always my most loved pastime.

At the end of each school year my parents always had to pay a fine as I managed to scribble flowers, shapes and anything else that came to mind in my books. A blank page was an invitation to draw! Until today drawing is the equivalent of meditation to me. I can forget all my worries and transcend into a beautiful state of peace. 


"When I look at person, I instantly see an aura of color... I have no question as to the Color that I will be using in each and every portrait."


A. You've talked about the special significance of color in your artwork and how this ties in with synesthesia. Can you tell us more about your experience as a synesthete, and about how this influences your artwork?

I. When I look at person, I instantly see an aura of color. It's just there, so it's always been a part of my portraits. In the very moment I see a face I have no question as to the Color that I will be using in each and every portrait. The 'line' that surrounds the person in my work represents the impression, mood and expression I see/feel from them.


A. As an artist, you've experienced both the New York and Berlin art scenes. What would you say are the biggest differences between the two? What's the most exciting thing about working in Berlin?

I. Berlin & New York are creative exciting cities. They represent a melting pot of so many different cultures. As a result both are bursting with an array of original artistic expression.

New York is an energetic fast paced city. Just watching at what rate the people walk down the streets defines its vitality! Berlin in contrast tends to move a bit slower, there is no air of urgency.  I feel it's a city for people who seem to enjoy a slower pace. Berlin is my city, I  love living here , it's my home & here you can find the best Techno Music in the world. This music inspires me to work like no other.


"Be active, show your work to the world...  Facebook, Instagram make this easy, create a website or whatever medium you can find to get your work out there. USE IT."


A. Your work is described as "A novel mixture of pop art stylistics, iconic photography and synesthetic painting." Where do you draw inspiration from to create your eclectic style?

I. My style is who I am. My inspiration is the color I see in each and every encounter. Every moment while walking down the street, my mind is working, creating and exploding with ideas. I can't stop it, it's just how I tick. The very first painting I made was of a girl sitting in Union Square, NYC 2007. Her aura struck me. As I painted her I felt I wanted to give her the privacy I caught in her eyes. I proceeded to paint her 'line of aura' and a thick black line just long enough to cover her mysteriously expressive eyes. She was beautiful. Faces and forms of each individual inspire me. Every person has something beautiful about them. The line covering the eyes puts their beauty in perspective and safeguards their mystery. It give them their own space of privacy.


A. What advice do you have for young artists who are just getting started and trying to get their work out there?

I. As cliche as it may sound, Follow your heart & Do what you love! Only passion will guide you to the stars. CREATE, whether you are happy or sad; painting heals the soul. What ever you wish in life you can achieve, you just have to believe in yourself. Be active, show your work to the world. Facebook, Instagram make this easy, create a website or whatever medium you can find to get your work out there. USE IT. Art makes this planet a better place.


By Camille Houle

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