Artist Judith Klausner Creates Art Out Of Food In 'From Scratch' Series

Artwork Made From Oreos, Toast

In her food art series, 'From Scratch,' Artist Judith Klausner has created collection that addresses womanhood in various incarnations throughout history. Her work explores topics including "nostalgia for the culinary past—before packaged foods and high-fructose corn syrup," the lengthy food preparation process and the traditional assignment of kitchen duties to women.

In addition to the culinary references, Klausner also depicts traditionally "female" tasks such as sewing, embroidery and knitting. She credits the resurgence of these crafts to the nostalgia people feel for a time when things were done at home and from scratch.

Klauser says:

My work is about choice. As a woman in the twenty-first century, I can choose to spend my day baking a loaf of bread, or to grab a package off a grocery store shelf after a long day at work. I can choose to spend my evenings embroidering. I can choose to combine these things and call it art.

See a sampling of her work below and check out her website.

klausner slides

All images courtesy of the artist.

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