Artist Krista Wortendyke '(re):media' Explosion Collages Examine Perceptions Of War (PHOTOS)

Artist Krista Wortendyke wants you to stop for a minute and rethink explosions.

In her collage series "(re:)media," Wortendyke examines the way imagery and information from photographs, movies, videogames, newspapers, and the Internet come together to form our perception of war.

"We have experiences from viewing images that are indistinguishable from physical experience," Wortendyke told The Huffington Post in an email. "My work is the exploration of the way these two worlds interact through images of war, specifically explosions ... because they are the most universal and most spectacular signifiers of war."

Relying solely on her imagination and hundreds of media sources, Wortendyke creates a unique war scene on a blank canvas using Photoshop layers, notes Wired.

"Unless we have been in combat, our only access to that experience is through the news, photographs, movies and videogames," Wortendyketold HuffPost.

The individual images can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to contruct.

If Wortendyke's spectacular explosions appeal to you, Israeli artist Eyal Gever's 3D catastrophic sculptures will also catch your eye.

Another incredible war simulation not to miss is artist Luke Jerram's data visualization sculpture that features the Hiroshima nuclear bomb explosion based on a 28 second sound file.

Check out a selection of Krista Wortendyke's explosive collages below.