Artist Paints Incredible Portrait Of Lin-Manuel Miranda On A Very Fitting Canvas

It's also a ode to the "Hamilton" cast's diversity.

This "Hamilton"-inspired artwork is so money. 

Danielle DeJesus, an artist in Brooklyn, New York, was so inspired by the diversity in the cast of the Broadway play, that she decided to create an ode to them. She painted a portrait of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and star of "Hamilton," on a canvas with the Founding Father on it -- the $10 bill. 

And it's truly a masterpiece. 

The artist told The Huffington Post that she didn't know much regarding the history written about in the musical, nor is she a Broadway buff. However after watching the cast and their win at the Grammys, the artist, who says she has a ton of Puerto Rican pride, was drawn to the play. 

"To see an entire cast of people of color ... just blew my mind. I became obsessed with it and started researching. I fell in love," she told HuffPost. "Being a Latina from Brooklyn -- from New York -- it's just such a huge inspiration to see actors who look like me, my friends and my family." 

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Dejesus' subject, celebrating "Hamilton's" Grammy award win. 
Lin-Manuel Miranda, Dejesus' subject, celebrating "Hamilton's" Grammy award win. 

So after being immersed in all-things "Hamilton" the idea to put Miranda on the $10 bill just clicked. The artist used acrylic and watercolor paints to create the work and spent about eight hours on the detailed portrait. Of course, she included the Puerto Rican flag in the background, as Miranda, too, is of Puerto Rican descent. 

Since she's shared her piece on social media, DeJesus has received a great deal of positive feedback from other "Hamilton" fans, as well as fellow Latinos, who are also applauding her work, which raises awareness around the cast's diversity. 

"People have been messaging me saying, 'Thank you so much for representing,'" she told HuffPost. "It's been really cool ... to make my people happy."

Dejesus said that she'll continue painting other members of the Hamilton cast on different bills and create a series out of it. And, of course, she'll be seeing the show in June. 

To see more artwork from DeJesus, check out her Instagram page here. 

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