An Entire House Dangles Mid-Air In Germany, All In The Name Of Art

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Courtesy of ZKM


Argentine artist Leandro Erlich has created “Pulled by the Roots” -- a massive construction crane carrying an entire house mid-air over the Karlsruhe Market Place in KarlsruheGermany. With a root system dangling from beneath it, the house takes its title literally. 

Courtesy of ZKM


Known internationally for his hyper-real sculptures, Erlich often uses architectonic elements to generate discussion and statements on present issues. With Karlsruhe’s current project of relocating its tram system underground, citizens have seen major disruptions to their pedestrian life, with construction cranes becoming an implacable figure in the skyline. By utilizing a crane in his intervention, Erlich turns this common construction tool into a piece of art and entertainment for passers-by who at first may "think that the crane driver has made a mistake."


Courtesy of ZKM


The project also looks at the relationship of architecture and development with the earth. By divorcing the house from the ground and revealing an organic relationship, Erlich creates a novel perspective. The tension of the crane as it holds up the home highlights this balance between the human dimension of building and the natural dimension from which it comes, reminding us of the importance of both. As our society and planet change constantly, this piece reminds us that an organic element is vital to our survival, and that our culture is inextricably linked with nature. 

The exhibition is part of ZKM's “The City is the Star - Art at the Construction Site," which invited international artists to intervene at construction sites with sculptures, performances and interventions. 

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