Artists Buy Out NYC Grocery Store And Resell Items As 'Art' (VIDEO)

Kyle MacDonald, the guy behind One Red Paperclip, and a few of his friends went into the Hercules Fancy Grocery in Manhattan on May 20, 2011 and bought everything in stock. All of it. The gum, the beer, the chips -- all of the ice cream in the freezers. Everything.

They loaded the items into a moving truck and paid for it all, all while a very shocked Hercules watched and kept track on the calculator.

Their plan is to take the items they've purchased and sell them as art in a show that runs until June 12.

It's a cute video, and we love Hercules and his bodega cat, but at $150 for an upside-down can of Coke they might have more trouble selling this stuff than they think.


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