Sick Of The Bulls**t, A Woman Is Turning Sexist Comments Into Feminist Art

Cheers to the creative women who use chauvinist garbage for good.

There are so many loaded, sexist phrases that women are forced to swallow on a daily basis, it’s bananas.

Whether commenters are assuming that if a woman looks good it must be to please a man or astutely noting that if a lady is not feeling her best she is surely surfing the crimson wave, dudes have been providing unwanted and offensive advice since the dawn of time. Or maybe language. Well, at least internet comments.

Artist Röra Blue has had enough of the bullshit. Instead of rolling her eyes and moving on, as many women are well accustomed to doing, Blue opted to turn the condescending phrases too often tossed her way into works of art. For her series “Handle with Care,” Blue transforms sexist phrases into visual images that incorporate the gendered stereotypes they simultaneously critique.

For example, Blue embroidered the phrase “is it that time of the month again?” onto a pair of red underwear, actualizing the expectation that women should know how to sew. Similarly, the artist spells out the words “you belong in the kitchen” in alphabet noodles, floating in a soup she prepared.

Blue is far from the first artist to use the sexist garbage thrown her way as fuel. After Casey Jenkins, better known as the “vaginal knitting” artist, was inundated with hateful comments for her feminist work that de-stigmatized women’s bodies, she weaved said drivel into subsequent pieces ― also knitted via the vagina. With a little period blood for good measure.

Will we ever live in a world where women are not subjected to the thoughtless mouth-trash of chauvinists and ignorant trolls? We may never know. Until then, cheers to the badass creatives who manage to use the garbage to their advantage, one bold artwork at a time.

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