Artist Turns Life With Her Husband And Dog Into Super Relatable Comics

Raise your hand if these sound familiar. 🙋🙋🙋
10/11/2017 06:49pm ET | Updated October 11, 2017

The artist behind the funny and totally adorable BFGFS comic series uses everyday life with her husband and dog as inspiration for her work.

BFGFS stands for “Boyfriend Girlfriend Syndrome,” which, according to Urban Dictionary, refers to couples who hang out with each other so often, that they rarely have time to make plans with others.

“They are based on real life with some exaggerations,” Pat, who prefers to use only her first name, said of the comics. “Part of it is about capturing little moments that I love and more importantly, it’s about making light fun of my husband in the form of a comic.”

When the cuddle gauge gets low.

Pat lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband Ray and her Shih Tzu-Westie mix named Fifi. She started the series in June 2015 with help from Ray, who wears many hats including editor, IT support and occasionally, idea generator.

So. Much. Hair. 

Pat described their relationship dynamic to HuffPost as “besties and teammates.”

“We like spending time together doing stuff and also doing nothing,” she said.

Weekends should be equal parts productive and lazy. 

“We’ve been together since high school! It’s kind of gross. It’s been over a decade now,” she added.

As for Fifi, she’s a “very good dog” with quite the personality.

“She’s pretty well-trained, very curious, and kind of passive aggressive,” Pat told HuffPost. “She tends to warm up to people only after making their acquaintance a few times and she likes trying to roughhouse with the big dogs. And she’s really good at begging for food.”

Below, even more BFGFS comics for your enjoyment. For more from the artist, you can follow her on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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