Artist Yuri Zupancic Produces Tiny Paintings On Microchips (PHOTOS)

Artist Turns Microchips Into Impressive Artwork (PHOTOS)

American Artist Yuri Zupancic transforms microchips into beautiful, tiny pieces of artwork.

From animals to scenes from nature or human beings, the Kansas native creates detailed paintings all on a miniature scale of a single square inch.

Zupancic uses oil paint and brushes made by hand from his own eyelashes to create the miniature paintings.

Though visible to the naked eye, the artist also supplies magnifying glasses for patrons at gallery showings.

His motivation for his surreal microchip creations?

"'Smaller and Faster' is the new 'Bigger and Better' and that applies to communications as much as to commodities," Zupancic said in an email to The Huffington Post. "Computers provide ways to share passionate thoughts, yet the hardware itself seems cold and sterile ... so I paint life into it."

Below, you'll see a dozen images of Zupancic's incredibly tiny microchip artwork.


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